The world is indeed the gods’ garden as they have been planting their seeds of influence and plowing the continents with their might since the dawn of time when Archon, King of the Gods, first shone the light of his sun onto the empty and desolate world. Quickly, life grew and spread and, for thousands of years, great kingdoms and empires rose, built in the names of conquerors and the gods. Today, however, the world is a dark place. The golden ages of the past are gone. The great empires and kingdoms have fallen. The demon-god Azreal, the Betrayer, who usurped the throne of Sith, god of the undead, has ruled the Abyss for a generation now, and has spent that time well. His followers have grown fiercely in number, and His demonic horde is vast and hungry for destruction. His mortal spawn, the tieflings, walk the streets of nearly every town, a testament to the dark god’s tightening grip on Dwagara.

The dangers of the world are not limited to the Azreal’s meddling, however. A mortal threat exists that makes the central Lowlands quake in fear. The Rot Lord has raised a putrid army of undead and dark creatures and rules over the Shadowlands. Many fear his desire for conquest will not stop with that region and that his army will spread like a plague across the Great Continent. Already, the undead have been appearing in many free lands. The call for adventurers is loud and true. The time for heroism is now.


Greater Regions
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