Needle in a Haystack

Level 4

Answering the call of the letter from Fin Woo, the party ran into Pel Shi, whose son had gone missing. The party put Pel Shi on hold while they discussed with Fin Woo why he had called upon the adventurers. Fin Woo informed the party that a few crates had been taken from one of his ships that had been carrying some cargo. He asked the group to assist him get rid of the guard captain Enwald Dren. Enwald is regarded to have obtained the position from Lord Earynbrand, governor of Moonshadow. The party agreed after receiving payment of 40 gold pieces and three pieces of amber (100 gp each) for a total payment of 340 gold. The party then proceeded outside to further discuss the situation of Pel Shi.

The party discovered that Pel Shi’s son had been abducted by gnolls while traveling along the eastern caravan route from Oshikarra with cargo, and the party agreed to help him find his son. The group decided to do some research by talking around town. From the account of the survivor of the attacks, two caravan guards were killed, five were captured as was Hari Shi and the caravan driver. They were attacked about six days normal travel northeast from Moonshadow (four days if horses were pushed to a grueling pace). Pel Shi has offered 300 gp for the safe return of his son and, if possible, the cargo.

The party then decided to further investigate the claims of Fin Woo, going to the docks to discuss the missing crates with the bosun of the ship. The bosun showed the group around the ship, where they discovered nothing of note other than biscuit crumbs that were apparently made of corn bread. The group hypothesized that the crumbs actually came from Adalbert Greenhand, who may or may not have been eating at that time, or sometime in the future. Leaving the docks area, where they were whistled at from a dark alley.

In the alley was, Tendo, a halfling who is a member of the Evernight Knives Thieves Guild. Tendo was trying to hire the party to dispose of a ring that had somehow cursed him. Tendo promised that properly disposing of the ring would bring attention to the party, and this attention would be worth the group’s time. Grisley Darkpurse noticed that the ring was a signet ring for the Emberfey family, an local syvlan elven family of stature. Tendo was also carrying a drow-made dagger that he was trying to use in order to broker a deal with the party. At this point, while Tendo was trying to convince the party to accept his quest, Rizzith cast darkfire upon him, causing him to run away in fear.

The bosun had indicated that the party searching the ship when the crates went missing was actually larger than it normally would be. So with this information, the party went in search of any members of the guard who may have been involved for more information. This search lead them to Frent, a seemingly upstanding guard member who apparently has a thing for drow. Grisely approached the man and his drinking party, introducing himself as Hobbit Guy and introduced Adalbert as Gnome Ear. Frent was more interested in Rizzith, however, so Grisley told Frent that he should make a move on Rizzith, which Frent did willingly. Grisley somehow managed to get Rizzith to play along and obtain some information while he chatted with Frent’s companions.

Shortly thereafter, the group decided to confront Enwald, so they decided to go to the constabulary. Grisley talked to the normal guards in a vain attempt to figure out where Enwald lived. During this, Adalbert was approached again by Tendo in order to undertake the task at hand, but Adalbert politely declined. While all of this was going on, Nivieh Desanti noticed Enwald Dren coming from the area that Adalbert had gone into in order to talk to Tedo. She whistled for the group, who reconvened in order to try to follow Enwald, but Adalbert lost him. The party asked around town, finding the location of Enwald’s house.

There, the party confronted Enwald, but the confrontation lead the party to believe that Enwald was not involved, but just lazy. As the group leaves the house, they notice shadows atop the houses in the area. One threatens the party, and as they duck into an alley, they are attacked. The team wipes out their ambushers, leaving several alive, and interrogating one of the attacking halflings, where they discover the halflings are members of the thieves’ guild. The guild is upset by the party’s actions and are threatened by what they are doing, so the guild tried to spook the party a bit to get them to stop their investigation. The party also discovers that Enwald is actually taking money from the guild as part of their schemes, and that they had stolen Fin Woo’s goods.

With the information gained from this, the party went to Earynbrand to discuss the situation. The party finds that Earynbrand is not involved, and cannot afford to boost the guard pay, and that the situation would just get worse if he had to also try to man the Paleblade’s Stronghold. If the stronghold was liberated, then some more funds could be diverted to ensuring the protection from the thieves. At this point, the party went and discussed the news with Fin Woo. Fin Woo is willing to pay for the party to complete the quest, that is, dispose Guard Captain Enwald Dren and recover Fin Woo’s cargo from the Evernight Knives and Enwald.

XP Gained: 550

New Level: 5

Session Undistributed Loot:
3 ambers (100 gp each)
40 gp

Session Expenses:
Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 for Rizzith: 840 gp
Hide Armor of Resist Necrotic +1 for Grisley: 520 gp
Brooch of No Regrets +1 for Nivieh: 680 gp
enchanted Adalbert’s +1 armor to Resist Necrotic: 160 gp
spent 6 sp gathering information in a bar
Total: 22 pp, 6 sp

Current ritual components and books:
390 gp of residuum
Gentle Repose (level 1)
Tenser’s Floating Disk (level 1)
Pyrotechnics (level 2)
Undead Ward (level 3)
Enchant Magic Item (level 4)

Current loot pool: Total pecuniary value: 679.4 gp
3 ambers (100 gp each)
3 pp
79 gp
4 sp


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Needle in a Haystack

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