The Cult in the Warehouse

Level 2

Dave was absent this session. Grisley was present up until the first encounter, during which he went missing for the remainder of the session.

We woke in the Farrowdowns to the smell of fresh cornbread. A crowd awaited us outside the hut of Lavender and her mother. They praised us and some of them asked us to escort them to Moonshadow. Along the way, we returned the boat we purchased from the farmer at the edge of the swamp. We paraded from the town gate to the temple of Lorus and presented them with the Paleblade’s Talisman. High Priest Falvian awarded us with 1 pp and 150 gp. The priest then explained to us that there could be a connection between the dragon we slew and Sith.

During this time, we noticed there were many mourners at the temple. Several of them approached us, and we learned that many people near the docks had been going missing suddenly. We also met one of Nivieh’s friends, Kenna, from Destiny’s Hearth, the Temple of Delphi Trine, who claimed that the High Seer wanted to speak with her. Grisley and Nivieh went with her, and Adalbert talked his way into accompanying them. Nivieh noted that her friend was acting suspicious, but too late, because we were then attacked by two thugs and Kenna, who we later discovered was a doppelganger. Nivieh and Adalbert were quickly defeated. Nivieh was taken prisoner, Adalbert was left for dead, and the fate of Grisley was unknown. Rizzith and Fortem came across an unconscious and bloody Adalbert in an alley. They returned to the Temple of Lorus and met up with Alira Gravewind. She took them to Destiny’s Hearth where we encountered Kenna once again, but she had been performing rituals there all day. Then, the High Seer received a vision of Nivieh being taken to a warehouse near the docks.

Meanwhile, Nivieh was trapped in a cell in a basement. The guards outside made reference to a ritual of which she was an essential part. After they left, an Angel of Fate named Saelee appeared to Nivieh in her cell and said she had been chosen to be a prophet of Delphi Trine. Saelee then set up a quicksilver scrying pool through which Nivieh was able to see her allies.

Adalbert, Fortem, Rizzith, and Alira, with the help of the priest’s vision and some Streetwise expertise, tracked down the warehouse where Nivieh was being held. Adalbert reconnoitered that the front door was guarded, so the party scaled the building and defenestrated ourselves Batman style into the rear of the building. As they battled the guards, Nivieh, in her cell, discovered she could influence the battle through the angel’s scrying pool. We quickly dispatched them with Nivieh’s aid and freed her from her cell. On our way back out, we were ambushed by more guards which nearly resulted in the deaths of Rizzith and Alira, probably because we had no windows to jump through this time.

We ended the session there and will resume in media res next time. Experience for this session will be awarded after we complete the adventure in the next session.

800 XP (includes the next adventure log’s first encounter)

Distributed Loot:
Adalbert Greenhand Subtle Dagger +1
Nivieh Desanti Deathcut Hide +1
Prophesied Strike power

Undistributed Loot:
1 pp
150 gp
2 tanglefoot bags (need to pick a person to hold these)

Session Expenses:
1 healing potion to save Rizzith

Current loot pool: Total pecuniary value: 1245 gp
1 pp
905 gp
400 sp
1 black tourmaline (100 gp)
1 moonstone (100 gp)
2 tanglefoot bags



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