The Demon Wastes

Level 5

Since we recently rescued Tendo and took care of his ring “situation”, he reluctantly agreed to either help us get back Woo’s stolen goods or find a teleportation scroll. Leaving him to this, we returned to Loris’ temple and were promptly attacked by a horde of vampires. They recognized us and mentioned the talisman. One of us figured out that they were followers of Arcturus DeFarrin, a famous vamp who has been so bold as to deny Sith (so probably powerful). After the battle, we delayed killing the last of them and questioned him about Arcturus. He is apparently Lord of Witherwood in the Shadowlands. The vamp is killed.

After talking to Alira, we found out that Arcturus and more vampires are in Leefields Park, and Arcturus wants the talisman for the Rotlord.

We rendezvoused with Tendo in the marketplace. He didn’t have the stolen goods, but did have a scroll with a linked portal to a sister guild in the south, the Shadowthieves. We would end up in the basement of the king. The guild, as you may guess, is connected to the shadows. It is in the Royal Kingdom, New Loria. Tendo gave his shadow magic cloak to Grisley, to help us cope with the crappy teleportation option he offered us. At least we did also get Tendo to do one more thing; he set up a meeting for us with the guildmaster to discuss Foo’s wares.

In between these meetings, we decided to check out the situation in Leefield’s Park. Most of us were adept at disguising ourselves to hide from the vampires which seemed to already know us. Nivieh, however, was not amenable to changing her natural appearance, so she went off back to the temple. Amidst many empty manors, one was full of vampiric activity. Too much for us to handle. We nonchalantly hurry from the scene.

Nivieh rejoined us and we waited at the inn until Rastoon (Lt. of the Evernights), Tendo, and a new halfling named Lenabo joined us. Grisley did his diplomasizing thing. We compromised with Lenado that in exchange for the goods, we will retrieve the contents of a tomb in the Forsaken Waste, and give him 1500gp from what we get there. He gave us a map.

Off to the tomb. Once we were directly above it on a cliff, an owl-bear and sadyrs attacked! No problem for us, of course.

Once in the tomb, some tieflings seemed to have a problem with our presence. Through great courage and ingenuity, they were slain. We found robes, barrels, and 500gp.

Then we entered a room containing demons, with three scattered elemental pits of fire, cold, and psychic powers. The demons managed to thwart our attempts to damage them with the elements by naturally resisting the first pit we pushed them into. But perseverance paid off, and they were no match for us. We found an awesome shield, and 1500gp, which was the amount of gold needed to buy the stolen goods from the thieves).

After traveling back to Moonshadow, we made our exchanges with the halflings. Grisley told Woo of our success in getting his stuff, and for him to send someone to get it. This was accomplished, and our reward was 250gp and a nonmagic ring with the insignia of the Amber guild.

1350 XP

Distributed Loot:
Grisley Darkpurse Shadowdancer’s Cloak +2
Content Not Found: Valence Wyrmguard Shield

Session Undistributed Loot:
1035 gp

Current ritual components and books:
390 gp of residuum
Gentle Repose (level 1)
Tenser’s Floating Disk (level 1)
Pyrotechnics (level 2)
Undead Ward (level 3)
Enchant Magic Item (level 4)

Current loot pool: Total pecuniary value: 2814.4 gp
3 ambers (100 gp each)
25 pp
14 gp
4 sp



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