The Gnoll Slavers

Level 5

Yinsa Woo approached us while we were eating at an inn after our first round of investigation into Moonshadow politics and treachery. He said he had just arrived from Oshikarra and was distraught over the capture of Hari Shi. He offered us a shuriken if we left immediately to rescue him. Of course, we accepted.

Before we left, Alira arrived and asked for our assistance on behalf of Falvian. Fortem agreed, naturally, and remained behind to aid Falvian and Alira.

Along the road out of Moonshadow, we encountered a tortured and mangled Oshikarran guard lying in a clearing. His tongue had been removed, so he could not warn us that we were entering an ambush, though we suspected as much. An archaevir was also being held captive by them, and when the gnolls attacked us, he broke free and joined the fight. We dispatched the gnolls and tended to the guard, who then led us to the gnolls’ lair. The archaevir joined us in slaying them.

The gnoll lair appeared to be a prison for their captives as well as an auction hall for selling them as slaves. Inside, we found Hari, two more Oshikarrans, and Tendo the former member of The Evernight Knives. We released Tendo in exchange for his drow-make dagger. We also took the Emberfey signet ring from him and returned it to the Emberfey family, landing a decent reward. Hoping our act of kindness would motivate Tendo not to cause us any more trouble, we did not implicate him in the theft. Hopefully we’ll never encounter Tendo again.

Hari helped us slay the leaders of the gnoll pack and we returned him to Moonshadow.

1140 XP

Distributed Loot:
Adalbert Greenhand Distance Shuriken +2
Rizzith Spiderkissed Dagger +2
Content Not Found: Valence Sacred Mask

Session Undistributed Loot:
Desert rose (Grisley)
Brightleaf (Nivieh)
Potion of Clarity (Rizzith)
1100 gp

Current ritual components and books:
390 gp of residuum
Gentle Repose (level 1)
Tenser’s Floating Disk (level 1)
Pyrotechnics (level 2)
Undead Ward (level 3)
Enchant Magic Item (level 4)

Current loot pool: Total pecuniary value: 1779.4 gp
3 ambers (100 gp each)
14 pp
79 gp
4 sp



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