The Orcs in the Stronghold

Level 3

We resumed the battle in the warehouse and encountered a warlock who was just about to sacrifice Grisley for his necromantic arts. We dispatched him in spite of yet another cloud of darkness, then we returned to the temple of Loris to report our success.

We rested for a couple days, healed Grisley, and purchased a new longsword for Fortem and a book of Enchant Magic Item. Falvian asked us to search for a way to restore the Talisman. He was going to give the Talisman to Nivieh, but Rizzith “convinced” him to give it to her.

We are off to seek information that could be used to restore Paleblade’s Talisman to some semblance of its former power. Having been housed at the now-abandoned keep, perhaps there will be some information there?

During our approach, Rizzith detected a weak aura around the Stronghold that matched that of the Talisman. We find that the Dig-Dug orcs have set up camp in the keep. Resistance at the front gate was put down fairly quickly, but not without some punishment.

More of the clan was found inside the main barracks. They will no longer have access to their spiritual leader…

The chieftain and his second-in-command had been exploring the tower; upon their return they too were dispatched. Trips to the bottom of the well should be made cautiously; the 2nd-in-command encountered an unpleasant terminus to his involuntary descent. Tentacles and teeth aplenty.

A secret passage was found beneath the altar in the main barracks; our last session closed as we began our confrontation with the true force behind the orcs.

600 XP

Distributed Loot:
Adalbert Greenhand Tanglefoot Bag (level 7)
Fortem Magic Longsword +1
Grasping Javelin +2
Tanglefoot Bag (level 7)
Grisley Darkpurse Gentle Repose ritual
Nivieh Desanti Baton of Marching Orders
Tenser’s Floating Disk ritual
Rizzith Paleblade’s Talisman
Healing Potion

Undistributed Loot:
a pouch of residuum (100 gp)
2 healing potions
570 gp
a gold ring set with a garnet (500gp)

Session Expenses:
spent 360 gp for a +1 longsword for Fortem
spent 175 gp for a book of Enchant Magic Item

Current loot pool: Total pecuniary value: 1780 gp
1 pp
940 gp
400 sp
1 black tourmaline (100 gp)
1 moonstone (100 gp)
a gold ring set with a garnet (500gp)



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