The Wardstone in the Feywild

Level 7

1450 XP

Distributed Loot:
Adalbert Greenhand Quickling Boots
Grisley Darkpurse Circlet of Revelation
Content Not Found: Valence Sunblade +2

Session Undistributed Loot:
4200 gp
50 gold worth of magic ritual acorns harvested by squirrel slaves for their oppressive arcane insect overlords

Session Expenses:
spent 20 gp in magic psychedelic acorns to cast Pyrotechnics

Current ritual components and books:
385 gp of residuum
Gentle Repose (level 1)
Make Whole (level 1)
Tenser’s Floating Disk (level 1)
Endure Elements (level 2)
Pyrotechnics (level 2)
Undead Ward (level 3)
Call of Friendship (level 4)
Enchant Magic Item (level 4)
Fey Passage (level 6)

Current loot pool: Total pecuniary value: 8294.4 gp
82 pp
94 gp
4 sp



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