Adalbert Greenhand

A halfling farmer who just wants to live a simple life and seems fated not to.


Halfling Rogue, level 6
Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger

Ability Start Final   Defenses   Other   Trained Skills
Str 10 10 AC 21 Max HP 50 Stealth 15
Con 13 13 Fortitude 16 Surge Value 12 Thievery 18
Dex 18 21 Reflex 22 Surges 7 Acrobatics 15
Int 8 8 Will 18 Size Small Athletics 10
Wis 10 10 Insight 13 Speed 6 Bluff 11
Cha 13 16 Perception 21 Initiative +7 Perception 11

Lost in the Crowd
Defensive Mobility
Skill Focus: Perception
Weapon Expertise: Light Blade

Piercing Strike Standard Dex vs Reflex melee or range weapon 1W+Dex  
Deft Strike Standard Dex vs AC melee or range weapon 1W+Dex Move 2 before attack
Dazing Strike Standard Dex vs AC melee weapon 1W+Dex Target is dazed
Second Chance Imm. Int.   personal  
Blinding Barrage Standard Dex vs AC close blast 3 2W+Dex Target is blinded
Adaptable Flanker Minor   personal   Gain combat advantage when an ally is near
Positioning Strike Standard Dex vs AC melee weapon 1W+Dex Slide the target
Trick Strike Standard Dex vs AC melee weapon 2W+Dex Slide the target every turn

Leather Armor of Resistance (Necrotic) +1
Dagger, Subtle +1
Shuriken, Distance +2
Iron Armbands of Power
Burglar’s Gloves +1
Elven Cloak +2
Adventurer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Thieves’ Tools
Tanglefoot Bag
2 healing potions
fire beetle potion


Adalbert was a farmer at the eastern edge of the Titan Range all his life, until the goblins came. The goblin army had been raiding his village for years in their campaign against Ruun. Adalbert helped organize his family and friends into a militia to protect the small halfling village, but once Ruun fell and the goblins regrouped, they razed the village for the halflings’ defiance. Unable to save his loved ones, Adalbert fled, barely evading capture and death. He slowly made his way north, hiding from the goblins and sneaking into their camps to steal food for himself, most of which had ironically been stolen from those the goblins had conquered. Now that Adalbert has reached free lands, he has been searching for a way to free his family and his land from the goblins, daunting though this task may be.

Adalbert doesn’t see himself as a rogue; in his mind, he’s a farmer doing everything he can to win back his farm and free his family. Now that his farm is firmly in goblin territory, he realizes accomplishing this goal will require more than just keeping a good stockpile of slingstones by the barn to fend off goblin stragglers. His natural agility made him an ideal scout for his village’s newly formed militia and quickly helped him become a crackshot slinger. After his village was destroyed, Adalbert was constantly hiding from goblin patrols, honing his stealth skills. He often had to steal and kill to acquire food from goblin camps, perfecting his thievery and sneak attack abilities.

Now that Adalbert is out of immediate danger, he has to find his way in the lands of the Big Folk, yet part of him remains behind with his village and family. Will he ever find his relatives or lost love, Wisteria? Will he ever return to his farm? Though his halfling resourcefulness and luck may lead him on a circuitous path, he hopes it will eventually take him home.

Adalbert Greenhand

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