Grimm Darkpurse, Master Illusionist

A short gnome wearing a blue wizard's hat, a necklace signifying his membership into the Blue Adept, black elven chain, blue fingerless gloves, and a white cloak that features the holy symbol of Gatrorian as its clasp.


Class: Illusionist Rogue; XP: 134,450; Alignment: Chaotic Good; AC: 23; HP: 53; Attack Bonus: +9/+3; Melee: +10/+5; Ranged: +13/+8; Movement: 20 ft

Age: 63; Height: 3’6”; Weight: 62 lbs.; Languages: Gnome, Common, Elf, Dwarf, Draconic

STR: 12 (+1); DEX: 18 (+4); CON: 12 (+1); INT: 20 (+5); WIS: 13 (+1); CHA: 12 (+1)

FORT: +5; REFL: +11; WILL: +11

Skills: Hide: +21; Move Silently: +21; Pick Pocket: +14; Open Lock: +21; Disable Device: +22; Search: +18; Appraise: +19; Diplomacy: +7; Alchemy: +13; Arcana: +12; Gem Cutting: +15; Spellcraft: +13; Listen: +10

Feats: Craft Magic Arms & Armor; Ambidexterity; Two-Weapon Fighting; Weapon Focus – Short Sword; Spell Mastery; Weapon Finesse – Short Sword; Extra Spells; Craft Wonderous Items;

Abilities: Scribe Scroll; Evasion; Spell Resistance 10 + B.A. Level; Dispel Magic 3/day; Uncanny Dodge – Dex to AC; Uncanny Dodge – Can’t be flanked; Sneak Attack +4d6; +2 rolls w/ Illusions

Weapons: Attack bonus; Damage; Crit; Special
  1. Short Sword +3; +18/+13; 1d6+4; 19-20/X2
  2. Dagger +3; +14/+9; 1d4+4; 19-20/X2
  3. Keen Short Sword of Speed +5; +20/+20/+15; 1d6+6; 17-20/X2; Casts Hold Person at will

Magic Items: Eye of Charming; Deck of Illusions; Ring of Invisibility; Cube of Force; Wand of Fireball (21 charges); Major Ring of Cold Resist X2; Major Cloak of Displacement; Chaos Diamond


Grimm Darkpurse grew up in the Grotto, an underground cavern system that was home to his kinsmen. He left the Grotto in order to seek his fame and fortune. Upon leaving, he went to the city of Corsec, where he tried his hand at thieving. He was arrested, but a strange elf named Tias Dala helped him escape. After this escape from prison, they met Vaquin The Grey, a more cultured elf. Together they set upon the greatest quests and accomplished the greatest tasks set before any trio of adventurers in the history of Dwagara. At times they were accompanied by Xarius and traveled on his airship.

Grimm was a famous illusionist thief that helped the gnomes, as well as the general population of Dwagara, with his deeds. Upon the death of Snowbringer, Grimm set about the foundation of the Academy of the Blue Adept, a large library for people of all walks of life to study magic and its intricacies. The Academy specialized in the teachings of illusions.

Grimm was not all for the betterment of the world, though. He was prosperous and at times very selfish. He was not afraid to risk his life or the risk of his compatriots to follow the path to riches. For his devotion to the things that bind all gnomes together, Gatrorian favored this little gnome, who is quite possibly the gnomes’ most famous son.

Grimm Darkpurse, Master Illusionist

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