Sir Hagar of the Bastion of Archon's Mace

Sir Hagar is a human soldier clad in heavy armor and carrying a battle axe.


Class: Paladin/Fighter/Knight Protector; XP: 78,000; Alignment: Lawful Good; AC: 25; HP: 157; Attack Bonus: +13/+8/+3; Melee: +22/+17/+12; Ranged: +13/+8/+3; Movement: 20 ft

Age:25; Height: 6’0”; Weight: 220 lbs.; Languages: Common, Nital

STR: 22 (+6); DEX: 12 (+1); CON: 18 (+4); INT: 14 (+2); WIS: 12 (+1); CHA: 17 (+3)

FORT: +12; REFL: +5; WILL: +11

Skills: Handle Animal: +8; Ride: +12; Religion: +11; Nobility & Royalty: +9; Diplomacy: +16; Heal: +10

Feats: Power Attack; Leadership; Cleave; Great Cleave; Weapon Focus – Battle axe; Weapon Specialization – Battle axe; Mounted Combat; Ride-by Attack Supreme Cleave; Power Lunge

Abilities: Defensive Blow +4; Best Effort +4; Shining Beacon; Iron Will; No Mercy +1; Damage reduction 5/+1

Weapons: Attack bonus; damage; Crit; Special
  1. Battle axe +2: +26/+21/+16; 1d8+14; X3
  2. Lance: +23/+18/+13; 1d8+10; X3
  3. Mighty Shortbow +2: +14/+9/+4; 1d6+2; X3

Magical Items: Belt of Giant Strength +4; Minor Ring of Fire Resistance (15 fire); Ring of Warmth (5 cold); Cloak of Resistance +1; Amulet of Natural Armor +1; Shield +1; Fullplate of Invulnerability +1


Name: Rurik

HP: 48

Speed: 50 ft

Can Scent

FORT: +7; REFL: +5; WILL: +2

Listen & Spot: +7*


Sir Hagar was once the lackey of Densa, the Mistress of the Wastes. Once the Mistress turned on him, he sought revenge. Somehow, with his mind bent on this revenge, he came to understand the meaning of good in the world, and somehow became a Paladin for the Bastion of Archon’s Mace. He became a mentor to Sol, his squire. His single greatest regret is getting drunk prior to the last fight with the Mistress, and failing his party who counted on him.

Sir Hagar of the Bastion of Archon's Mace

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