King Ick of Anwyn

King Ick is a hulking barbarian, carrying a greataxe over one shoulder, wearing breastplate armor and a crooked tiara, while toting around drums to inspire fear into his foes.


Class: Barbarian; XP: 28,000; Alignment: Chaotic Neutral; AC: 21; HP: 103; Attack Bonus:+8/+3; Melee: +13/+8; Ranged: +11/+6; Movement: 40 ft

Age: 17; Height: 6’9”; Weight: 300 lbs.; Languages: Orc, Common

STR: 20 (+5); DEX: 14 (+2); CON: 16 (+3); INT: 10 (0); WIS: 9 (-1); CHA: 8 (-1)

FORT: +9; REFL: +5; WILL: -1

Skills: Wilderness Lore: +9; Listen: +8; Intuit Direction: +3; Intimidate: +10; Handle Animal: +4

Feats: Weapon Focus – Greataxe; Uncanny Dodge; Power Attack; Cleave

Abilities: Orc Blood; Darkvision; Rage 3/day; Fast Movement

Weapons: Attack bonus; damage; Crit; Special

Holy Greataxe +1: +14/+9; 1d12+6; X3; +2d6 vs. evil

Short bow; +11/+6; 1d6; X3

Magic Items: Large Bag of Holding; Ring of Featherfall; Ring of Sustenance; Breastplate of Invulnerability +1; Ring of Protection +2; Amulet of Natural Armor +1; Drums of Panic


King Ick was the product of an orcish raid on his home town. His father was human, and his mother was an orc. He was raised by his mother in the ways of the barbarian. She taught him to use his rage to bring down his foes, which he did with abandon.

He stumbled across his traveling companions “Mike Fish” and “Cain,” more famously known as Michael Fisher and Caineran in history, in a rundown area of old Loria, and they traveled the continent together in search of Fisher’s son. In the process, King Ick managed to steal all of Fisher’s treasure, mock him for being raped by a woman, handed the child they were searching for over to Azreal, and acted as a prosecuting attorney in Fisher’s trial for murder. Ick’s handing over of the child once the party had procured him allowed Azreal to kill the baby, causing no small problem in the scheme of Fisher’s life.

It was after this that Ick became King of New Loria. King Ick ascended to the thrown by chance. He “lead” his party to Castle Anwyn in chase of Azreal. He witnessed Azreal, father to his friend and companion “Mike Fish,” overthrow the undead god Sith. Once the castle was vacated, Ick claimed it as his own, and neither of his companions challenged him for the title. He then employed his friends to help him rebuild the kingdom of Loria. Once the castle was restored and Loria seemed well on its way, King Ick took it upon himself to recruit a harem, of which several offspring was produced. Since this endeavor, King Ick followed his compatriots into the Abyss to continue to hunt for Azreal, only never to be heard from again. The end of their story is yet unknown.

King Ick of Anwyn

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