The Dragon in the Swamp
Level 2

We began by returning to Moonshadow to tell the priest of Lorus of our adventure in the graveyard. We gave him some ancient pages that the necromancer had, along with some ritual components. In return for the ritual components, he enchanted Adalbert’s leather armor to +1. He told us that he had hired a band of adventurers, an archaevir cleric named Espera, a human fighter named Grant, and a shadowfolk rogue named Restune, to retrieve the talisman and that they had gone to Farrowdowns two years ago but never returned.

We set off to Farrowdowns and decided to take a shortcut through the Black Marsh. Thanks to Fortem’s Warden multiclass, we found our way through safely, though we did kill some krenshars Crenshaws . In Farrowdowns, we discovered that the Heir of Sith, who we had never heard of before, had been demanding tribute from the town for the past five years and was taking one person from the town every month. The town elder was deciding who would be the sacrifice each month, and an old woman asked us to rescue her daughter, Lavender, who the elder had just sent off shortly before we arrived. We also found one of the previous adventurers, Restune, was strong-arming the townsfolk into remaining. He claimed that if people fled, the Heir of Sith hunted them down and took extra tribute from the town. We roughed him up bar brawl style and made him take us to the Heir of Sith, then he fled.

We found Lavender tied to a pole surrounded by bullywugs and the two zombified members of the previous adventuring party. A black dragon, the Heir of Sith, came out of the cave and spotted us. We handily defeated the bullywugs and zombies, but the dragon knocked Fortem, Adelbert, and Rizzith unconscious before finally being defeated by Nivieh and Grisley. In the dragon’s cave we found, among the other loot, a pendant to Lorus, possibly the talisman we seek. We returned Lavender to Farrowdowns and were rewarded with fresh cornbread. We gave the copper pieces from the dragon’s horde to the elder and told him that if we hear of him sacrificing people to dragons again, we’d get him.

775 XP

Undistributed Loot:
430 gp
400 sp
3000 cp (donated to the people of Farrowdowns)
a moonstone (100 gp)
1 black dragon horn, 3 black dragon claws, 1 black dragon tooth
1 small rowboat
a lifetime supply of cornbread from Lavender’s mother in Farrowdowns
Total for the session: 600 gp (including value of gemstones)

Session Expenses:
3000 cp donated to the people of Farrowdowns
ritual components bartered with the priest of Lorus for +1 leather armor

Current total: 995 gp (including value of gemstones)

Distributed Loot:
Adalbert Greenhand Leather Armor +1 from the priest of Lorus
Iron Armbands of Power +1
Rizzith Tooth of Chaos +1
Fortem Acrobat Boots +1
The Necromancer in the Crypt
Level 1

While we were drinking in Moonshadow, a group of undead attacked. We killed them, then spoke with the high priest of Lorus to try to discover their origin. He said something about the talisman of Sir Darian Paleblade. We eventually discovered that they likely came from the town’s graveyard. Upon investigation, we found that not only was this true, but that the necromancer behind the attacks was still there. We cleaned out the crypt that he had converted into his base of operations and killed him. The priest promised us 250 gp each for returning the talisman. We are still seeking the talisman.

1075 XP

Undistributed Loot:
325 gp
a black tourmaline (worth 100 gp)
unidentified ritual components and scrolls

Distributed Loot:
Grisley Darkpurse Healer’s Brooch +1 (4, 840 gp)
Nivieh Desanti Rod of Hope Triumphant +1 (2, 520 gp)
Fortem Potion of Healing (5, 50 gp) from the Priest of Lorus
Gravespawn Potion (level 5, 50 gp)
Blackiron Scale +1 (4, 840 gp)
Adalbert Greenhand Burglar’s Gloves +1 (1, 360 gp)
Rizzith Graveshroud Cloth Armor +1 (3, 680 gp, follows rules of Fireburst Armor but replaces “fire” with “necrotic”)

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