The Necromancer in the Crypt
Level 1

While we were drinking in Moonshadow, a group of undead attacked. We killed them, then spoke with the high priest of Lorus to try to discover their origin. He said something about the talisman of Sir Darian Paleblade. We eventually discovered that they likely came from the town’s graveyard. Upon investigation, we found that not only was this true, but that the necromancer behind the attacks was still there. We cleaned out the crypt that he had converted into his base of operations and killed him. The priest promised us 250 gp each for returning the talisman. We are still seeking the talisman.

1075 XP

Undistributed Loot:
325 gp
a black tourmaline (worth 100 gp)
unidentified ritual components and scrolls

Distributed Loot:
Grisley Darkpurse Healer’s Brooch +1 (4, 840 gp)
Nivieh Desanti Rod of Hope Triumphant +1 (2, 520 gp)
Fortem Potion of Healing (5, 50 gp) from the Priest of Lorus
Gravespawn Potion (level 5, 50 gp)
Blackiron Scale +1 (4, 840 gp)
Adalbert Greenhand Burglar’s Gloves +1 (1, 360 gp)
Rizzith Graveshroud Cloth Armor +1 (3, 680 gp, follows rules of Fireburst Armor but replaces “fire” with “necrotic”)

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