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Goddess of retribution and the law, Cantileen is the All-Seeing-Eye. Daughter to Archon and Aurora, Cantileen’s true aim and desire is to fulfill her destiny as an opponent of chaos. As Archon battles chaos through creation, Cantileen does it via destruction. Her followers are scholars, warriors and spies all in one, forever fighting the eternal war. Many courts have the symbol of Cantileen, the eye, above the judge’s chair, so that all may know that The Law Herself watches the proceedings. Her favored weapon is the heavy flail and her holy symbol is the eye.

The church of Cantileen is divided into two main groups: The Inquisitors and The Errant Templar of the Eye. The Inquisitors are the bureaucrats of the church and are usually the individuals that hold the positions of power. The Errant Templar of the Eye are the warriors of the church that travel the lands doing the goddess’s bidding.

The hierarchy within the church is: Initiate, Justice, Inquisitor, High Inquisitor and the highest position being The Grand Justice. There is only one High Inquisitor per region and only one Grand Justice in all of Dwagara.

Cantileen’s commandments are as follows:
  • Seek truth, for in truth lies the Law.
  • Impunity is blasphemy.
  • Lawbreakers and the wicked must suffer justice beneath the constant vigil of the Eye.

Followers of Cantileen that have the Channel Divinity class feature may take the Channel Divinity feat, Cantileen’s Vengeance.


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