The cosmos of Dwagara are similar to those of the standard Dungeons and Dragons setting with a few notes.

The Shadowfell is nonexistent. The Plane of Shadow, which is similar, though not a mirror world, does exist, though. This plane is somewhere in the Astral Sea and was abandoned by the gods when Sith was captured by Azreal.

The Feywild is oftentimes referred to as Gaia’s Realm by elves, forest gnomes and druids.

The Astral Sea, Elemental Chaos and Abyss are recently in new alignments. After Azreal had the Obelisk of Worlds destroyed, the planes were ripped and torn and thrown into new positions. The Outer Planes were all sent to the Astral Sea with the Abyss being the only former Outer Plane to avoid drifting about in the Astral Sea. The Elemental Planes were thrown together and mixed and twisted into the Elemental Chaos and were situated above the Abyss as its gateway. This new cosmic arrangement has sent large ripples down to Dwagara and has affected many things from the functions of magic itself to the way elements interact with the natural world.


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