Quick Reference

Deity Alignment Domains Holy Symbol Favored Weapon
Archon Unaligned (Lawful Neutral) sun, creation, justice Sun Mace
Aurora Good life, protection, hope Pentagram Quarterstaff
Azreal Chaotic Evil trickery, madness Vortex Unarmed Strike
Barnor Unaligned earth Mountain Warhammer
Cantileen Unaligned (Lawful Neutral) justice, vengeance, civilization Eye Heavy Flail
Delphi Trine Unaligned arcana, fate, moon Silver Triangle with a Golden Ray of Light Extending from each Edge Quarterstaff
Dime Loic Unaligned luck, change, freedom Inn Short Sword
Dorharin Lawful Good civilization, creation, earth Battleaxe Battleaxe
Gaia Unaligned wilderness, life, earth Oak Tree Scimitar
Gargush Han Chaotic Evil destruction, strength Bloody Hand Greataxe
Gatrorian (Chaotic) Good arcana, trickery Glittering Gem Spear
Geterin (Lawful) Evil civilization, tyranny Black Flame Falchion
Goth (Lawful) Evil war, strife Broken Sword Greatsword
Jaestev Unaligned sea Wave Trident
Livia Unaligned knowledge, arcana, skill Omega Dagger
Lorus Unaligned death, winter, fate Silver Cross Scythe
Lysorin (Chaotic) Good skill, wilderness Longbow Longbow
Metulla Good luck, protection Cornucopia Sling
Phinea Unaligned love, freedom, hope Heart Rapier
Saeth Letharin (Chaotic) Good wilderness, arcana Tiara Longbow
Sith Chaotic Evil undeath, darkness Skull Dagger
Ular Lawful Good hope, justice, protection Kite Shield Longsword
Umnaro Unaligned fire Red Flame Longspear
Xela Evil poison, darkness Spider Halberd
Zephyr Unaligned storm Cloud Nunchaku

Deity Mechanics

All divine power source classes that choose a patron god gain proficiency with the favored weapon of their god.


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