The timeline of Dwagara is split up into three ages. The Old Age was a time long ago when the mortal races were first expanding across the lands and forming the first empires, such as the Corsec Empire and the Great Amber Empire. The New Age began after the Sundering. Modern dates are written in in reference to how many years it has been since the Sundering (such as year 3212 is 3212 years since the Sundering). The Third Age, or the Age of Now, began in 3435 at the completion of the Second Dark War when Azreal ascended to godhood. Modern adventuring occurs around 3468, 33 years after the start of the Third Age. Most scholars of Dwagara still use the Sundering as a reference point for dating, however, cults of Azreal or fervent opponents of Sith began reckoning days since the Third Age began.


The Old Age

- In the beginning, Dwagara is bathed in darkness. Dragons, titans and elementals rule and shape the world with only the flicker of the raw elements in the vast void of shadow.

- Archon shines the light of his sun upon Dwagara, creating the world in its habitable form for the mortal races.

The New Age

0 – The Great Continent is split into the four continents during what is called Sundering.

1271 – Sandmages from Azi Hera emigrate south and found the Kingdom of Ruun.

2703 – The kingdom of Loria, predecessor of New Loria, is founded.

2874 – The beginning of the Dwarf-Lorian war.

2931 – The end of the Dwarf-Lorian war when the humans and dwarves ally against the troll threat from the Green Vale.

3027 – Korden, Knight of the Rose, goes on a crusade to vanquish the evil werewolves of the Green Vale. He slays their chief and dons the chief’s helm, which turns out to be an evil artifact of Goth that corrupts his mind. Korden slays his silver dragon friend and mount and then gathers together an army of marauders, the nighthounds that terrorize Loria.

3029 – The Light Warriors travel to the Shadowlands and fight Mordak, a powerful necromancer with intentions of collapsing the Corsec Empire.

3031 – The Light Warriors stop the warlord Korden the Forsaken from destroying the kingdom of Loria.

3034 – Mordak returns from the future by means of chronomagic as a lich. The Light Warriors defeat him, but not before he awakens Snowbringer from his ancient slumber.

3035 – The Light Warriors slay Snowbringer, the Icy Death.

3045 – Raahe North attempts to slay the god Lorus by using ancient rituals from the Book of the North but is stopped by a band of adventurers.

3046 – Emperor Vornavis of the Corsec Empire is slain by a band of adventurers.

3049 – Dorgar’s Hall is founded.

3055 – The last vestiges of power of the Corsec Empire dwindle; it falls.

3057 – The rise of the Fallen Legion in the Battlefields of Keln.

3058 – The beginning of the Second Dark War. The world is plunged into chaos and despair as Lorus and Sith send army after army against one another in what seems like an eternal feud foretold in the prophecies of the Book of the North.

3068 – The continents are rejoined into the Great Continent during what is called the Reckoning.

3071 – Taer Drathen is founded.

3108 – The druids of the Great Wood establish a settlement between their forest and the Moon SeaFeyshaern is founded.

3298 – Moonshadow is founded by refugees of the Second Dark War from the Shadowlands and Feyshaern.

3366 – Moonshadow’s population swells within the protecting light of Sir Darian Paleblade’s Talisman.

The Third Age

3435 – The Second Dark War ends with Azreal’s ascent to godhood and Sith becoming trapped in a stone heart. Azreal takes the heart with him into the Abyss for safe keeping.

3435 – Densa, The Mistress of the Wastes, uses the Winter Orb to keep the Northlands in perpetual winter until a band of adventurers defeats her.

3437 – Michael Fisher, King Ick of Anwyn and Caineran the Greymage use the Obelisk of Worlds to travel into the Abyss in an attempt to get revenge against Azreal. No one knows if they return.

3438 – Azreal sends his demonic legions to destroy the Obelisk of Worlds in an attempt to thwart any further assassination attempts from Dwagara. Its destruction creates a cascade of changes throughout the planes, forever disrupting the cosmology of the universe. The demonic army continues its destruction in Ruun by heading to the Tabernacle of Delphi Trine where they crack the Moon Prism, disrupting the flow of magic in Dwagara. Casters across the world are forced to adapt to the radically altered arcane ways.

3439 – With the newly born Elemental Chaos, the volcanoes of the Red Mountains begin spewing far more than simple fire and lava, but rimefire and other hybrid elements. Elemental beasts of various types pour from the ancient portals to the former Elemental Plane of Fire and begin taking over countless forges and tunnels owned by the dwarves. Even Dorgar’s Hall falls to the elementals.

3442 – The Enchantress, the ruler of Seesay for the last 400 years, passes away. The Council of Nine are put in charge of the region at a desperate time when elementals constantly prey upon the villages and towns in the foothills of the Red Mountains and when sahuagin raids grow ever more fierce.

3460 – The Rot Lord surfaces in the Shadowlands and begins building an army of shadowfolk and undead servants. Shadowfolk that stand against him are massacred as an example. Hundreds flee to cities of the Moon Sea to escape this new tyrant.

3463 – The Unseen Emporer in Azi Hera, Land of the five Kingdoms, begins festering hatred and discord between the desert nations. Soon, the Kingdom of Mak le ah marches against Ra the an. Mak le ah is victories and the other kingdoms quake in fear as to what their next move is.

3465 – Great Warchief Bloodfur conquers Jarai, the capital city of the failing kingdom of Ruun. Bloodfur has his eye set on the White Coast.

3468 – Modern day.


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